Review Report & Analytics

Make reports that showcase the performance of Your Review Portfolio and
analyse the quantity and quality of the reviews you receive online.

Track Your Online Reviews

A detailed summary of the important review portfolio metrics.

Keep track of every aspect of your review management strategy, including the success of your review funnel, your review management KPIs across various businesses or locations, and your email and SMS campaigns for review generation.

Analyse using your performance dashboard.

Track Your Online Reviews

Statistics for Reputation Quantity and Quality

Monitor your review portfolio from a broad perspective. Be aware of the total number and standard of your review listings across all of the sites you are maintaining and expanding.

In short, keep an eye on the overall number of reviews, the average ratings, and the star ranking.

Set customized time frame for review distribution

Take a quick glance at the review activity for specific time periods. To evaluate the impact of campaigns and corporate-wide review acquisition initiatives on your efforts to generate ratings and reviews overall.

Such as; setting a specific time frame for average ratings, fresh reviews by ratings, and most recent reviews by the site.

Tracking Campaign Growth

Monitoring the graphical report of your engagement, open rate, site visitors, and button rate to the third-party review site, will help you Track the success of your email drip campaigns.

Checkout the outreach and response for a campaign and navigate using the destination.

Outreach Activity

Examine your email and SMS review request campaigns by analysing the date and success rate.

It includes, Recipient, Campaigns sent, Visits, Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes.

Employee Performance Leaderboard

Performance Leaderboard is a great way to recognize and reinforce performance outcomes

Businesses will have the ability to measure whose employees’ QR codes are scanned the most and how many times customers use their QR codes to visit the review site.

This tool helps firms determine which staff succeed at getting client feedback and which ones may need more training.

QR Conversion & Overall Sentiment

Based on the opinions of satisfied and dissatisfied customers, make educated decisions about the service or products your company offer.

Explore the patterns and business insights from the context of both – Positive and Negative customer reviews. Which helps you to strategize the business planning more effectively.