Monitor Your Reviews

Monitoring reviews builds a better credibility for your business. Every review coming to you should feel heard. Make your dissatisfied customers happy by resolving their concerns, and celebrate your happy customers.
Review Email Notification 1

Review Email Notifications

Make sure your customers are well responded. Check on your customers feedback and accordingly support them by engaging well. Appreciate favourable feedback to increase spirit. Optimize your customer service and respond rapidly to dissatisfied consumers. Review email notifications ensures that everyone on your team is contributing to manage your reputation.

GYR Command Center

He command center benefits your support team tremendously by filtering process, which makes their work too easy. The support team can set appropriate status level, filter by review sites and specially leave notes for proper follow up.
GYR Command Center
Review Responses

Review Responses

Respond to your customers’ reviews on Google and Facebook quickly and effortlessly from the dashboard. You can further review responses on more than 50 platforms with a single click.
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