Unique Email Templates for Requesting Online Reviews

Unique Email Templates for Requesting Online Reviews 2022

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Reviews are important for businesses, but not all businesses know how to ask for a review perfectly. One of the best ways to ask for a review is to be straightforward with your customers and ask for a review. But, that’s not all that, there’s so much more to think about. If you know your products and services are good, then asking for a review is odds of skyrocket. The difference between your business’s success and failure is a good and bad review.

Providing satisfaction to your customers for the product and services they buy is a sure-fire way to get positive reviews for your brand. If your customers don’t get the experience they were looking for, they’re going to leave a negative review and will even tell your potential customers will hear about it.

In a digitally fueled world, having an adoring customer base is the key to success. So, know what your customers love, and ask them to tell the world about it. One way you can enhance the benefits of positive reviews for your brand is by using customer review email templates for requesting online reviews.

Why Do You Need a Template for Reviews?

You can find the roots of email marketing in almost every aspect of online marketing. Email marketing is one of the most traditional and effective avenues of digital marketing. Properly baked email marketing efforts can generate great ROI and it can act as a direct communication line with customers and prospective customers. That’s why it is a good option to consider using customer review email templates for Google reviews through email.

Sending an email to satisfied customers after their purchases is one of the best ways to get reviews from customers. Thousands of businesses all over the world are utilizing email templates for asking for reviews from their customers. Timing is vital in using customer review email templates. As soon your customers get their products, shoot an email from the official email ID, asking them for a positive review if they enjoyed the product or service. Your customers are more likely to leave a positive review as soon as they get the product instead of a few weeks later.

How to Effectively ask Customer for a Testimonial?

You need to provide convenience to your customers for leaving a review. Your customers shouldn’t face any friction while leaving a positive review for your brand. Delighted customers will leave a couple of appreciative words as the process doesn’t take too much time of their day.

If you want to effectively ask your customers for a testimonial, include a “Review” link in every product review email you send to them (delivery emails, customer service emails) using customer service email template. This way, your customers can easily review the brand whenever they find the time. Your brand website should have multiple “Leave a Review” buttons, so you can encourage your customers to leave positive feedback. If you wish to take things a step beyond, then you can use one of the best customer review email templates to ask your customers for testimonials.
How to Effectively ask Customer for a Testimonial

When to Request Reviews?

There’s a lot of strategies involved in asking for customer reviews and one of them is using customer service email template. There’s a right time to ask for reviews, if you can utilize the ideal window then you can gather tons of reviews for your brand. If you’re utilizing a customer review email template, then you should pick a template that fits the tone of your brand.

As for finding the right window for your customers. The best time according to industry leaders to gather customer reviews is just after they get their products. Customers are 80% more likely to leave a review just after they receive the products. Customers are highly responsive, especially after a review request is made just before they get their products. Here are some stats that brands can use to find the perfect window asking for customer reviews:

  • Over 2 billion people worldwide own a smartphone
  • More than 50% of those customers will read the emails from known brands within 3 minutes
  • Emails have an incredible response rate (about 20%)

The customer review email template can enhance that response rate, thus allowing your brand to collect more positive customer reviews. To help your business get as many positive reviews as possible, we have created a list of business reviews templates. This business reviews templates will help you to receive more positive response.

General All-Purpose Templates

1. General Google Customer Review Email Template #1

Dear (Customer Name)

Thank you for doing business with us. We’d love it if you could tell us about your experience
with (Brand Name).

Can you take few minutes out of your time to leave a Google review?

Use the link below for leaving a review.

(Add Link)

2. General Google Review Template for Email #2

Hello (Customer Name)

We appreciate you for choosing us.

Would you like to expand on your experience of doing business with us? We can use your opinion in improving the workflow and help thousands like you have a positive experience.

(Add Link)

3. General Google Customer Review Email Template #3

Liked our service? (Customer Name)

If your experience was pleasant with us, then consider leaving a review about the plus points?

Click on the link below for a hassle-free experience.

(Add Link)

4. General Google Customer Review Email Template #4

Hey, (Customer Name), how was your experience with us?

If we could help to fulfill your need, then could you take few minutes out of your schedule to
leave a review?

Just click below to leave a review.

(Add Link)

5. General Google Review Template for Email #5

Do we need improvement (Customer Name)?

Leave a review and help us understand how we can enhance the customer experience.

Tell us what you think about us.

(Add Link)
general google review

Category Specific Review Email Template

1. Product Review Email Template

Hi (Customer Name)

Thank you for shopping with us, hopefully, you loved the items.
If your experience was up to standard, then be honest and leave a review about our brand.
Click here:

(Add Link)

With all the love in the world

(Brand Name)

2. One-Time B2C or B2B Service Review Email Template

Hey (Customer Name)

We couldn’t be happier that we were able to fulfill your request. Would you be willing to share feedback on one of our sites as a review of our time spent together?

Just click on the link below

(Add Link)

Hoping for future collaborations

(Brand Name)

3. Survey Feedback Review Email Template

Hello (Customer Name)

At (Brand Name) we’re always trying our best to improve our services, we can take it one step beyond if you can leave an honest review.

Please take a moment out of your busy schedule to fill out the survey. Be honest, tell us everything, the good and the bad.

Complete the Survey (Add Link)

(Brand Name)

4. Testimonial Request Email Template

Hi (Customer Name)

We hope you’re doing well.

This is us reaching out because of our time spent together. We can’t thank you enough for choosing us. We were wondering if you would be open for us to create a testimonial. We were hoping to create a (Blog/Video) about the work we did together. It would be valuable for us if you could incorporate your thoughts into it.

Would you be kind enough to let us know if:

We can identify you or your brand name?

We can quote you directly about your positive experience with us

If you have any additional input about our relationship.

Thank you again for choosing us.

(Brand Name)
Testimonial Request Email Template

Industry Wise Email Templates

1. Healthcare Industry Customer Review Email Template

Dear (Patient Name)

Hope you’re doing fine.

Can you take 1 minute out of your schedule and let us know about your visit with Dr. (doctor name)? Were all your questions and concerns answered? Do you feel satisfied with your treatment plan created by (Dr. Name)?

We would love it if you could leave us a review.

Use this link to leave a review: (Add Link)

2. Real Estate Customer Review Email Template

Dear (Customer Name)

Thanks for choosing us/me to assist you in finding your dream home. Now that you’re moved in, let’s hope the home is everything you were looking for.

I/We also hope that our services made the house hunting experience a bit pleasant for you. If that was the case, then would you consider leaving me/us a review for our help? This way other potential buyers can find me/us.

You can leave the review here: (Add Link)

If your experience was pleasant, then make sure to get in touch with me/us in mind in your future real estate needs.

3. Automotive Customer Review Email Template

Hey (Customer Name)

Hope you’re loving your new ride.

We’re reaching out to remind you that our service department is here to help you in any way possible. A positive customer experience is very important for us. If your time spent with us was pleasant, consider leaving us a review.

Use this site to leave a review: (Add Link)

(Dealership Name)

4. Fitness Customer Review Email Template

Hi (Customer Name)

We see that you’re achieving your PR, if there is any way we can enhance your experience, then can you let us know?

It’s always tough to keep yourself in shape and we commend you for doing so. If you think we made this journey tad more convenient for you then can you leave honest feedback?

(Add Link)

(Brand Name)

5. Technology Customer Review Email Template

Dear (Customer Name)

Thank you for choosing (technology name) for your needs. If you think our technology was up to the mark and helped you in making your life a bit easier, then kindly leave a review.

A Simple, honest feedback can help us enhance the customer experience and treat our future customers better.

Click on this link and leave a review in minutes: (Add Link)

(Brand Name)

6. Wedding Service Email Review Templates

Yay (Customer Name)

Congratulations on finding the love of your life.

We couldn’t thank you enough for making us part of something special. If our team was able to reduce your stress and help you get exactly what you wanted?

If that was the case, then would you consider leaving a review, so we can help love birds like you to have the wedding of their dream?

(Add Link)

7. Hospitality Service Email Review Templates

Hi (Customer Name)

Thank you again for choosing us as your option for staying at (hotel City). We hope you loved every minute of your stay with us at (hotel name).

Your feedback is valuable for us and it can help in enhancing the experience for future guests. Please take a moment and share your experience of your stay.

Use this link for the review: (Add Link)

8. Home Services Email Review Templates

Hey (Customer Name)

We’re glad we could help you in fulfilling your needs, how about you take a moment to tell us about your experience.

Were our guys professional? Did they clean up after themselves? And did you like the standard of work?

Give us the good and the bad in your review so we can enhance our services.

(Add Link)

9. Legal Services Email Review Templates

Dear (Client Name)

It was a pleasure knowing you during your (add case type) case.

While the case was probably the toughest time of your life, we’re glad these times are over. If you could spare some time, then we would like you to leave a review about the legal services provided by us.

If you feel that you were heard, if I was available at every step, then consider taking some time out of your packed schedule and leave a review.
You can leave a review here: (Add Link)

Best Practices for Asking for Email Customer Reviews

There are several ways to ask for reviews for your products and services, but the most effective methods are different for each brand. Always have a strategy in place and keep experimenting with different methods to understand which one works for your brand. Here are the best practices for asking for email customer reviews:

  • Reviews can empower your customers to help other consumers make educated decisions about their purchases.
  • Let your customers decide for themselves, don’t force them to leave reviews.
  • Keep in mind that most customers are willing to leave reviews.
  • Always respond to reviews, be it good or bad.

To maintain the reputation of your brand, your brand needs a steady stream of reviews which can increase your customers, in turn, your revenue. Keep the above-mentioned best practices in mind while asking for a review.

Responding to Bad Reviews

There’s not a single business out there that hasn’t received a bad review. When a customer leaves a review about how bad their experience was with your brand, the best course of action is a well-thought-out diplomatic response.

Potential customers often look for bad reviews more than positive reviews. You can maintain a positive brand approach by making sure your responses aren’t combative or sound like you’re making excuses.

Here’s an example of a template you can use to respond to bad customer reviews:

Hi (Customer Name)

We are sincerely sorry to hear that your experience wasn’t up to your expectations. Could you let us know more about your situation and how we can improve our shortcomings for future customers?

You can reach out to us at (Add phone number/email address) so we can discuss your poor experience. Looking forward to a better future experience.

You should avoid using your brand name in the response as much as possible. Adding your brand name to the response can add to the negative reputation. As long as you keep focusing on proving a great customer experience for the customers, your brand reputation will remain intact.

Responding to Bad Reviews


This concludes our guide on “unique email templates for requesting online reviews.” If you think these templates don’t work for your brand, then keep experimenting and find anything that works for you. These templates are your guide to find or build the templates that work for you.

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