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The don’ts of dealing with negative reviews

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If you have a website where you sell products or services, you will know how important reviews are for your website and the products you sell. It is necessary for every business to manage online reviews and also learn how to react to those reviews. Any kind of reviews, both positive and negative ones impact a business.

Social media has become a platform where customers are now expressing their likes and dislikes. Moreover, in today’s blog, we are going to discuss how we should react to negative reviews. But before we proceed, it is essential to understand that a business should be open to criticism and use it as an opportunity to grow. Coming back to the highlight of the blog, let’s get moving with the DON’Ts of dealing with negative reviews.

The DON’Ts of dealing with Negative reviews:

  1. Prompt Response- It is obvious you must acknowledge the review. Usually, we’d suggest you not to respond immediately in the heat of the moment but preferably within 24 hours, you have received the review. Respond with a cool head, apologize, and then offer solutions. You’d be surprised to know many businesses fail to acknowledge or apologize for the inconvenience and jump straight to the solution.
  2. Don’t get defensive- Learn not to take it personally. Apparently, every business wants to maintain a positive image, however, you should remain calm and not get defensive. It is intrinsic to feel angry when someone says negative about your services or business, but it is also important to maintain professionalism and remain polite.
  3. Don’t copy-paste- Give every review of equal importance. Just don’t copy-paste your previous responses to other reviews. In fact, you must not group negative reviews and respond to all of them together. Be authentic with your responses and cater to the reviews you receive individually for better customer satisfaction.
  4. Don’t ignore- negative reviews will make your business look more authentic. It is wise to acknowledge the negative reviews and solve their subject. Ignoring it will rather create a negative image of your business.
  5. Don’t take it personally- Apparently, a negative review can make you feel dejected at some point. However, you are not supposed to take it personally because there’s room for improvement in all situations. Don’t sue your customers or get into an online argument being all defensive, instead maintain your calm and be patient.

Take advantage of y our online reviews, gather feedback, and be thankful for the criticism too. Engage with your customers who left a negative review and help them by solving their issues. You can read more on our site regarding reviews.

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