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Reviews impact buying decisions- Learn how

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Would you believe it if I tell you that 97% of the customers make purchase decisions based on reviews? Yes! Reviews are of paramount importance to consumers. Reviews help them decide whether a particular product or service is worth their time and money. The impact of reviews on customers depends on various factors. it depends on the source of the review, content, star ratings, and also customer response. If you have not been paying attention to your review platforms, you are losing potential customers because of a few low feedbacks. 

However, it is not necessary that a business has to have only positive reviews, it should be a blend of both to make it look realistic also. The main focus of a business is to respond to all the reviews it has received. Customer buying decisions can also be affected by the response of the business to a particular situation. This means even if you have received a negative review, your response matters. How you tackle and deal with the issue in the best possible manner will make you stand out. 

Consumers don’t just read reviews but are happy to write them too. Just because they are willing, however, doesn’t mean that they will. And if businesses want them to follow through, they need to make the process as easy as possible. This is why it’s recommended to use reputation management software. Using this type of software can help businesses to collect customer reviews and testimonials.

Needless to say, reviews are very important. But how exactly do reviews impact purchasing decisions? Here are a few ways:

  • Without reviews, the business isn’t trustworthy- Most of the time, the authenticity of your business is decided by the number of reviews it has. Before making a purchase decision, most customers want to hear about other people’s experiences and trust what they read.
  • Word-of-mouth- On average, about 88% of people trust recommendations and reviews are one of them. Reviews impact the purchase decision because a potential buyer will want to know the reviews and how a consumer who’s bought your products feels about it.
  • Increase sales- When your business has reviews, it brings around more potential customers. People are likely to buy from a business that has more reviews. It is because it reduces their doubts and increases your authenticity which in turn increases the conversion rate.
  • Negative Reviews- It is unlikely to have all positive reviews for any business. Moreover, as we stated above, a few negative reviews will make your business look realistic. What customers are looking forward to is the way you respond to negative reviews. Also, what changes have you done to make the customer feel better? Turn the negative reviews to your advantage and boost your reputation.

Social influences on consumer buying decisions are most likely to help in developing your business.  Quite simply, reviews are an important deciding factor for a lot of customers buying online. Reviews help build trust between the customer and the business. When it comes to making purchase decisions, consumers often make emotional decisions. The impact of online reviews on shopping decisions is evident throughout the entire customer journey. In particular, authentic customer feedback posted online is more powerful and effective than traditional advertising messages and promotional brand content.

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