Reputation Recovery After a Crisis

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The impact of a crisis on a brand’s online reputation can be wide-ranging. The search results related to the business are most likely brimmed with negative media coverage after a crisis. If suitable measures are not taken, these search results may even stick with a brand’s online reputation for years. This blog will thus guide you with steps you should take to restore your brand’s image and win over the crisis.

Try to incorporate these steps when recovering from reputation issues:

Assess the damage caused to Reputation:

After a reputational crisis, it becomes important to map your search landscape. Also, one should know that if timely measures are not taken, the damage can leap to the front pages. Thus, this step will evaluate the potential damage and will help you to answer
the questions such as: Which departments got impacted? ; What content of your website is being ranked?; Is the footfall on the website significantly changed?; etc.

Set your Goals:

Once the reputational damage becomes clear to you, the next step before actually starting the recovery is to set realistic goals regarding the reputation recovery process. In this step, you need to answer the following questions:

  • How many new links are to be created?
  • How many pieces of content should be published?
  • What increase in Social media presence is to be made?

At the end of this step, you will have a reasonable idea of the resources and time that will be required to accomplish the reputation
recovery process.

Work on your Goals:

This is the step where Online Reputation Management will play a pivotal role. Based on your goals, employ the practices such as:

  • Enhance your brand’s social media presence.
  • Publish effective Content.
  • Post appreciable and relatable blogs.
  • Create useful and proactive links.
  • Optimize the website’s URL.

Moreover, to achieve lasting results through this step, project managers, developers, content specialists, and marketing executives all need to work with one accord.

Shift the narrative:

After you have taken all the steps to recover your online reputation, you now have to acknowledge the web users about the recent changes and Search Engine Optimization can help you out in this. Try to flood the search engines with fresh content and favor the new narrative.


Proper execution of reputation recovery after a crisis is time-taking and challenging as well, but it can deliver discreetly lasting results if your business is equipped with adequate resources and an experienced team!

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