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Any business has to go through the immense competition before acquiring the desired number of clients or customers. The real estate business is no different! Also, any client who shows interest in working with you is likely to browse your previous work on the web. So, it becomes quite important to know the reputation management tips for realtors to have a clean online reputation. If you are a realtor, we would suggest starting to focus on your online reputation. With our white label reputation management software and solutions, you can ensure that you have complete control over the message and image you present.

Reputation Challenges faced by Realtors:

Realtors have to face various challenges to build a good reputation in the market. These challenges also become a good reason for having a proactive plan for Reputation Management for realtors. Some of them are:

The Endless Competition:

Many possibilities will come up when a person searches for realtors in a specific area. Thus, realtors must give their efforts to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Moreover, merely setting yourself apart from your competitors will not do wonders. You also must exhibit a good presence on the web and have an impactful online reputation. That can be done through our online reputation management software for realtors.

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Happy Clients Seldom Post Reviews:

This reputation challenge is faced by professionals in every field. It is important for realtors to gain positive ratings and reviews in order to have a good online reputation. Angry customers are much more likely to post negative reviews than satisfied customers are to post positive reviews. The dealings in a real estate agency involve high expenses. It is thus estimated that around 40 positive reviews are required to nullify the consequences of a single negative review.

Home Listing Portals:

An increase in the number and popularity of home listing portals has confined the business of realtors. The success of portals such as Zillow and Trulia shows that digitalization in their practice will become a necessity for realtors. A realtor will thus be preferred over home listing portals only if he has enough positive reviews online!

Having a proactive plan for reputation management will help realtors to overcome these reputation challenges.


Reputation Management Strategies for Realtors:

With the increased tendency of buyers to conduct online research, realtors must have a favorable online reputation to stay successful. Below are some strategies that you can adopt for augmenting your online reputation as a realtor:

Claim Your Practice on Relevant Review Sites:

For realtors, the feedback and reviews of former customers matter a lot. So, you must focus on making it easy for prospective customers to go through what other people have to say about your practice. This can be done when you claim your practice on review listings such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc. apart from real estate-focused sites like:

This is thus a major step in expanding your practice as a realtor.

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Embrace New Technologies:

With continual innovations in the real estate industry, embracing modern technologies has become the need of the hour for realtors. It even includes using SMS, emails, and Social Media, which is not a challenging task. This will enhance your visibility to a great extent and ultimately lead to a better reputation. Using these technologies, you can have better communication with your customers and improve their overall experience. So, this is a significant step in getting more positive reviews.

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Contribute to blogs and other publications:

Publishing fresh and relevant content on the web about real estate practices is an effective way to boost your online reputation. You can even draft articles in real estate magazines and in local newspapers. This will let people know your expertise as a realtor and that you keep your knowledge updated. When you do this, Google shows this content to the target audience. It is thus a great way to highlight positive information about your practice and thus get more conversions.

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Respond to Negative Reviews:

The way you respond to negative reviews highly influences the decisions of potential clients. If you ignore the negative reviews or do not address them appropriately, prospective customers might just find another realtor. Also, properly responding to negative reviews shows that you accept your flaws and are ready to work on them. So, make sure that the problem gets solved and then, you can even ask that client to remove the negative review.

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Sign Up with Grab Your Reviews:

Once you understand the value of a good online reputation, you would certainly want to make efforts to achieve it. However, we know that you remain quite busy in your realtor practices. So, the best thing you can do to ace your reputation as a realtor is to leave it on us! We provide categorical features such as automatic review campaigns, multi-site monitoring, review responding, review alerts, and many more! We will thus make sure that your realtor practice sees a rise in the number of satisfied customers.  Sign-up for a 14-day trial!

Lastly, if you have built a strong online reputation, it may not last forever. So, it would be better to continuously take suitable steps to mitigate the negative standings and improve your rankings in the web world!

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