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When it comes to necessary services, home services would certainly be a name. Letting people know about the excellent home services that you provide will require certain efforts. That is when it becomes inevitable to have a planned and reliable home service marketing strategy. This blog will cover some home service marketing strategies that you can include in your plan.

Make Proper Use of Social Media:

Want to strengthen your marketing efforts? Social media is the key! It is indeed the best way to connect with people and drive traffic to your website and search engine rankings. For this, share home service-related tips, publish relevant news, post blogs and announcements on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. LinkedIn is also a great platform to connect with other home service providers and expand your network.

Begin a Blog (& maintain it):

Blogging is an important practice for businesses to get found by people on search engines. It is one of the few ways that sets your brand apart from other brands. Through your blogs, you can exhibit your knowledge as a home service provider and generate the interest of potential customers. However, while writing a blog, try to use personable and elementary terms because the use of highly technical words related to your industry may not reap much engagement with the blog.

Write for local Publications:

Writing pieces about your experience and expertise for home service magazines stands a good chance that you would develop a better profile, compared to other home service providers. Once you have developed a profile that stands out, it can lead to getting more referrals and thereby more customers. If the publication that you write for reaches a wider audience, your business is certainly going to see a rise in the number of customers!


Invest in local SEO:

The services of a home service professional are confined to the residents of a certain vicinity or city only. So, it would not make much difference if people from other towns or states visit your website or go through your publications. Investing your time and money in local SEO practices can webify your business in the best way. For this, in your web content and blogs, focus on keywords that are specific to your geographic area. You can even work with an expert who can optimize your website according to SEO strategies.

Get Involved in PPC Campaigns:

PPC and SEO strategies go hand in hand. While SEO practices take time to show results, PPC ad campaigns go live instantly and thereby increases visibility for your home service business. Paid ads appear at the top of search results, so your business will be the first thing the patients see when browsed for home service providers. Thus, a PPC ad campaign if run correctly can drive a considerable number of customers to your business.

Get listed on Google My Business:

Listing your home service on Google My Business is an important part of the marketing strategy. This increases the chances of your business showing up in the search results when residents in your business area search about home services. Also make sure that all the details about your service such as working hours, special services, etc. are correctly mentioned in the listing. You may also add photos and a concise description in the listing to spread a clearer picture of your home service. Know more about Google My Business here:

Read on this blog to know the step-wise procedure of listing your business on Google My Business.

Ask for Reviews from Customers:

More than 70% of people go through online reviews before finalizing the right home service. Asking for reviews from existing customers thus becomes important to get more referrals. Appropriately responding to those reviews is equally important since it will let other people know how you work with customers. Reviews are thus a great resource to establish your home service as a brand. Get in touch with our review strategist at

Track your Marketing Strategy:

Now that you know the home service marketing strategies that you can work upon, tracking how those strategies pay off in terms of Return of Investment (ROI) becomes equally important. Google Analytics, HubSpot ( ), etc. are the tools that can be used to track the performance of marketing strategies. You can use Google AdWords ( )to track your PPC Campaign.

Hire an Expert:

While you are busy providing the best home services, an expert marketing strategist has all the experience that is needed to frame the entire marketing process. A professional home service marketing agency can help you increase your interaction with potential customers. Also, choose the agency that demonstrates a clear understanding of your services.

Thus, to get more customers, it becomes crucial to employ the marketing practices that suit the best to your home service. It is also important to stay updated with the latest home service marketing trends. Collectively using all the home service marketing strategies mentioned above will help you to craft a home plan that will provide you with the best results!

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