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Importance of review management in home service industry

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As a Home Service Provider, you must compete with newcomers in the industry along with other existing ones who are providing their services at a lower cost. What most customers will bid for is services that won’t put a dent in their pockets. What is interesting is that over the past few years the market has changed because of the internet. There are high chances that your customer will know your reputation in the market even before approaching you for services. Review management is important.

If you are in the home service industry (e.g., plumbing, electricians, roofers, etc.) it might be crucial for you to gather reviews. A reputation or review management software is the best way to improve your reputation. A research says about 96% of people value online reviews before opting for a home service. 

Therefore, if you are a home service provider who is struggling to make a mark and gain clients, you might want to give a thought to review management platforms. Reputation management services can be of great help, from maintaining your positive reviews to repairing the negative ones. We have found a few reasons as to why it is important for home service industry to get a review management service: 

  1. To improve your reputation: At least 80% of consumers rely on google rankings and ratings before they buy your services. Like most of the businesses if your business is attracting customers because of word of mouth, that is applaudable. But if you are not getting referrals, we’d say you improve your online presence. This can happen through a review management system which helps you increase your positive reviews and helps you track the negative reviews. 
  1. To save time: Another important reason is to save time. As a business owner you’d not want to run multiple platforms to read reviews of your customers. Having a reputation management software will help you communicate with your clients or customers when they leave a feedback. Whether it is a positive one or negative one, such platforms will interact with your customers and leave them on a positive note.  
  1. Boosting SEO: Home service industry are an important part of community service. No matter how professional your website is, locally the Search Engine Optimization might not be apt. In order to boost your ranking on the search engine, the SEO of our website must be perfectly outlined. With reputation management platforms, your work just gets easier.  

At Grab Your Reviews we offer more than just reputation management services. Do visit our website to know what our all in one platform has in store for your business. Although every company requires different features, we have the basics like dashboard, feedback, analytics, and multi-channel collection for all. 


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