How to Verify my Business on Google The Ultimate Guide

How to Verify my Business on Google – The Ultimate Guide

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In this age of social media and global online audiences, you need to make sure that your business listing is verified on google. Verifying your business profile on ‘Google My Business (GMB)’ should be your priority. So, make sure to get done with ‘google verify my business’ after you read this blog post. This step is crucial for increasing your business’ organic reach as well as attracting more customers online. This also helps your customers learn more about your business, your services, and your contact details.

After reading this blog you’ll learn ‘How to verify my business on Google’, what is google verification code and how to get verified on google using different online and offline methods.

Why do you need to Google My Business Verification?

  • Google must verify your business’s actual location and decide whether you are qualified to have a listing. Once that is done, you’ll be able to update your company information throughout Google, examine listing analytics known as Insights, add fresh photographs, create content, reply to reviews, etc.
  • Google My Business verified enterprises are 50% more likely to be viewed as trustworthy by customers, as per Google’s data. When these business profiles are customized and updated by the business owner, they appear more consistent and trustworthy.
  • Getting verification of your business listing protects it from anyone posing as your official rep and trying to take control of the profile.

Only after verifying your business profile on google will your business appear in google searches and google maps. Verify your business and increase your visibility online today. If you’re unsure how to do so, keep reading for the ultimate guide to understanding ‘how to get verified on google’.

How Do I Google Verify My Business?

It might take you a while to complete this, but having your business verified on google is a relatively easy process. Let me guide you through it. 

To begin, you will have to create an account on Google My Business (GMB). This is Google’s platform for businesses to share their business details on its services like ‘google search’ and ‘google maps’, monitor their online reviews, and communicate with the potential and existing pool of consumers. 

Usually, businesses undergo the verification via mail (the oldest method), as per Google, but businesses also use verification options from Google my business code accessible through their computer or mobile phones like email, text, etc., that we’ll discuss here. 

How To Verify My Business on Google Using Mail?

When you request Google verification by mail, Google sends the user a postcard with a code within 14 days. Make sure your Google My Business (GMB) listed address follows Google’s requirements before seeking verification. If not so, the postcard’s delivery may be late. It might even be sent to the incorrect location.

Simply sign in to your Google My Business account and select ‘Verify Now’ on your listing to initiate the process. Before pressing the ‘Send Postcard’ button on the postcard requesting window, double-check that the given address is right. By hitting the ‘Send postcard’ button and selecting ‘I don’t have a code’, you could also get a postcard using the GMB Mobile app. If you’re confused about what is Google verification code for, refer to the FAQs at the end of the blog.

While you wait for the verification code to come in the post, Google advises against making any further changes to your listing’s title, address, or categorization. It might also cause your GMB verification to be delayed.

After you get the verification code, take the following steps:

  • Sign in to Google My Business and select the address you’d want to verify.
  • Insert the unique identification code from the postcard into the ‘Verify Location’ or ‘Verify Now’ box.
  • Press the ‘Submit’ option

Choose the business you wish to verify in the Google My Business app, then pick the ‘Enter code’ option and repeat the same process.

How to Verify my Business on Google The Ultimate Guide

How To Verify My Business On Google Online:

1. Get Verified on Google through Email

You can select the email method to verify your business if it is useable after selecting a particular business and simply pressing the ‘Verify now’ option.

Then you will then receive an email with the verification code in your mailbox. You could either enter the verification code in the ‘Google My Business dashboard or hit the ‘Verify’ button in the email to verify it. The GMB app works in the same way.

2. Get Verified on Google through Mobile

You can receive your verification code through your business’s contact number when you have that option accessible after clicking the ‘Verify now’ button. You will receive a call on your mobile, and you must wait for the automated speech system, that will present you with the verification code. Fill out the verification part of Google My Business using that information. You can also receive the verification code through text message with this option.

Simply hit the ‘Call me’ button on the mobile app and input the verification code from the automatic speech system.

3. How to Verify my Business on Google Instantly

Instant verification is an excellent option that many businesses overlook. You’re eligible for instant verification if your website has already been recognized in Google’s Search Console. In reality, however, this feature isn’t available to every GSC-verified business.

It’s a question of how much credibility Google can place in a business. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to have your business verified instantly if you run a new firm or one with little or no web presence. Getting a postcard is indeed the best approach for Google to verify your business in such circumstances.

4. How to Verify my Business on Google through Bulk Verification

This option is open to businesses who want to get verification for more than ten locations at the same time. For example, if you operate a burger franchise with 15 outlets, you may be qualified to use this option. 

Choose ‘Get verified’ next to one of the locations after logging into Google My Business. Then select ‘Chain’ from the drop-down menu. Complete the bulk verification google my business form by entering all of the relevant information and submitting it. Google might take about a week to examine and evaluate your form. 

Each ‘Organization account’ can verify up to nine locations if you’ve had a digital marketing firm handling your locations for you. Please remember that agencies are not permitted to use the GMB bulk verification service. 

5. How to Verify my Business on Google through a Video or Video Chat

Some businesses can use video evidence to verify their business listing on GMB in certain conditions that Google hasn’t defined. The GMB application is used for most of this verification option. 

A ‘Capture Video’ button should be present in the ‘Verify Now’ menu to google my business video verification. You must upload one continuous video exhibiting the required in one continuous clip for successful verification: 

Record video of a surrounding road name, local billboards, or the environment that surrounds your current business location. 

Display the business’s inside in a variety of ways. This might contain some of the things you’re selling, business equipment, or a few minutes of daily activities. 

Go over to staff areas, use the payment system, or even open the store with a key to demonstrate that you have the required authority to be representing the business. 

When you’ve decided on footage that includes all three needed parts, go to the GMB app’s ‘Start Recording’ icon and follow the instructions. When you’re finished, click ‘Stop recording’ and then ‘Upload video’ to submit that to Google for inspection. It takes roughly 5 days to complete the verification procedure. 

You’ll be notified whether the process was successful. If not, the ‘Verify Now’ option will be removed from the app, and you’ll have to verify your business’s listing using another way. 

A video call with a Google expert can be done to perform video verification of your business. You’ll need to download Google’s Hangouts app to do this. A Google agent might wish to inspect your workspace, logo, machinery, public area, and possibly meet a few of your staff or clients if you operate a retail business. 

If you run a service business, then you might be required to show your business’s marked work vehicle, numberplate, and the tools you use to deliver the services. 

How to Verify my Business on Google The Ultimate Guide

Check if your Business Listing has been verified on Google

You may use a special tool by Google to look up a business that is linked to your Google account. What you must do is log in there with your Google account, select the businesses you would like to inspect, and you’ll be able to view the status of its verification.

One other option for confirming if your business has been verified by google is to do it directly from the search engine results. If your business profile was made by somebody else and you wish to claim it as yours, this strategy will come in handy.

Start by looking at the Graph Database by searching for the business name on Google’s search results. Your business has been verified if you’re not seeing ‘Own this business?’ beside the ‘Suggest an edit’ button.

Although verifying your Google My Business listing might be a lengthy process, it is well worth the time and effort to learn ‘how to verify my business on Google’. As a result, you’ll have a powerful platform to assess and manage your company’s Web search profile.

Verification should be considered one of the first stages in properly monitoring your business. Therefore, establish an approach that includes maintaining the quality of your business data, knowing how to respond to both good and bad reviews, and successfully connecting with customers who view your business profile to receive the best outcomes from Google.


1. What is Google verification code for?

A verification code is a brief numeric number that is occasionally provided to you through phone, email or a postcard. This must be entered to complete the process of GMB verification. It’s a security measure that guarantees only yourself obtains access. Each verification number is exclusive to your company and the place where you sought verification. After 30 days, verification codes will expire.

2. Why is my Verification code not working?

Make sure that you don’t submit a wrong code over than 5 times while verifying. If you do, the verification will fail. If this occurs, you must delete the profile from the Google Business Account and create a new one. It also won’t work after 30 days as it’ll expire.

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