How To Manage Google Business Profile 2023

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Do you know Google My Business is NOW known as “Google Business Profile.”

It allows business owners to reach customers using Google Search and Google Maps.

Let’s begin by discussing the basics of Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business.


Google Business Profile is a free Google business listing.

It allows you to upload images and business information, such as your location, services, and products.


Creating This FREE PROFILE is a great way to make yourself “more visible across Google Services.”
The Google Business Profile is only accessible to companies that interact directly with their clients and prospects.
(Online-only businesses must use Google Ads and Analytics.)
Do you know that…

According to Ipsos Research, an updated Google Business Profile:

  • Is 2.7 Times More Likely To Be Thought Of As More Trustworthy.
  • Gets 7 Times More Clicks.
  • Is 70% More Likely To Attract Visitors.
  • Is 50% More Likely To Get Someone To Buy Something.

Some may wonder: How far do the benefits extend?



A business profile enables you to build your brand and reach a wider audience with your products and services.
Additionally, it helps in providing your business legitimacy and credibility, which may help attract new customers and collaborations.

MANAGE GOOGLE BUSINESS PROFILE, Boost Sale using Google Business Profile

The #1 thing you need to do is to have a well optimized google business profile.

In recent years, mobile searches with the phrases “where to buy” and “near me” have increased by more than 200 percent.

These are referred to as “discovery searches.” Instead of searching for a specific brand, customers are searching for a category.

Optimizing Google Business Profile Listing

So if a user is near your business and searches for a general phrase like “restaurant,” your business is more likely to appear as a geo located result if it’s well optimised.


93% of consumers claim that online reviews influence their purchasing decisions.

Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to state that online reviews can make or break the success of your business.

The star rating (which runs from 1 to 5) next to company names on Google Maps represents an accumulation of reviews.

manage star ratings on Google Business Profile

However, customers don’t anticipate perfect reviews on whole. According to Google, a combination of positive and negative reviews is more trustworthy.

Take a look at section 2.6.3 about business customer reviews.

business customer reviews

Improve your online reputation and ATTRACT MORE CUSTOMERS – “GRAB YOUR REVIEWS.”

Quick Tip: Responding to both positive and negative reviews builds trust and credibility with customers.


It goes without saying that – “The better you understand your clients, the more effectively you can appeal to them.”

Your Google Business Profile page’s Insights area will provide you with access to a wealth of useful information that details:

1. Your Brand’s Visibility
2. Your Target Demographic
3. How They Engage With Your Business

Your Google Business Profile page's Insights

The best part is…

By knowing more about the types of customers your business attracts. You will also be able to modify and improve the performance of your marketing strategy.

Now, as you know the importance of Google Business Profile. Let’s have a look at steps on How to manage Google Business Profile effectively:


Multi-Location Businesses: Manage Profiles From Google Business Profile Manager

Step 1: Add Your Business to Google Maps

Go to Google Maps and click the top left button to open the menu.

Add Your Business to Google Maps

Now look for “Add your business” on the menu.

Add Your Google Business Profile

Step 2: Register Your Business

If you already have a business account, just sign in and skip this section.

Follow the instructions to set up a new account if you don’t already have one.

Click on the “Create account” button and select “To manage my business” from the drop-down menu.

Register Your Google Business

Now fill out all the information mentioned (e.g., your name, preferred username, etc.), after that click the “Next” button.

Create google business profile account

After that, you need to authenticate your identity with a phone number.

Authenticate your identity

Then Google will ask you for a few more details, then you’ll land to the terms and conditions page.

Verify google business profile account

Hit the “Agree” button on the terms and conditions page to start setting up your profile.

agree google business profile account terms and conditions

Step 3: Enter Your company’s name and category

Firstly, to set up your Business Profile. The first step is to choose your business name and category.

set up your Google Business Profile

First, type your company’s name. As you enter the details, Google will provide a list of its database’s existing businesses.


your business category

If your business is listed, skip to the next step to claim it. If not, thoroughly type your business name.

Then, write your company name as is.

Now type your business category and choose one from the list.

select your business category improves search ability

By informing Google about your business’s type, your business category improves search ability.

Most importantly, You can easily add new categories or change your business category later.

Step 4: Add Your Location

If you have a physical location, then add a location.

Although adding a location is typically optional, some company categories, like “Restaurant,” require it.

Choose “no” to skip this step if you don’t have a storefront.

Add business physical location

If you select “yes,” Google will prompt you for the address of your current location.

On Google Maps, searchers will see your address, so enter an exact location.


Google Business exact location

Google will also utilise your address to provide you with a list of possible duplicate listings.

If one of the duplicate entries belongs to you, proceed to the next step to learn how to claim your company. Otherwise, pick “None of them.”

claim your company profile

Step 5: Select Your Service Area

This step will seem to vary depending on whether you added a business address.

This step is optional if you added a business address. Google will inquire whether you offer deliveries or home and office visits.

You offer deliveries or home and office visits

Choose “Yes” to tell searchers what areas are within your reach.

Choose “No” to skip to the next step.

Google business suggested areas

You cannot skip this step if you did not include a company address.

Simply select one of Google’s suggested areas or begin typing the name of the area you serve.

Google Business serving areas

Step 6: Add Your Contact Details

Next, provide your phone number and website URL, if you have one.

Add Google business profile Contact Details

Searchers will find and contact you using the information you supply, so double-check that it is correct.

Step 7: Sign Up For Updates And Recommendations.

Google will now ask you if you want to receive updates and recommendations for your GBP.

We urge that you pick “yes” so that you can receive best practices directly from Google.

Sign Up For Updates And Recommendations

Step 8: Verify Your Listing

Your Business Profile will not be searchable until it has been verified.

While you have the option to skip business verification during your first setup, you will eventually need to authenticate your listing.

You can verify your listing in five different ways:

  1. On the phone. Your verification code will be delivered to you through an automated phone call or text message from Google.
  2. Through email. Your verification code will be sent to you through email.
  3. On a postcard. You will receive a postcard with your verification code at your registered address.
  4. Using video recording. Make a video that proves your location, your business equipment, and that you are the authorized management of the company.
  5. Through a live video call. Show the same video recording proof in a live call with a support representative.

Depending on whether or not you’ve added a place, your verification options differ.

If you have a physical location, you must confirm your business via postcard.

Verify Google Business Listing by postcard

The postcard includes a five-digit code that you will enter when you log in to your account.

If your company does not have a physical location, you must submit your personal address for verification.

submit your personal address for verification

Following that, you have the option of receiving a phone call, a text message, or one of the “Other options.”

Contact the Google Business Profile team

If the available business verification solutions do not work for you, you can contact the Google Business Profile team via their support centre.

So, get Started today with Google Business Profile and Boost Sales using “online reputation management software – Grab Your Reviews.”

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