How to Leave a Review on Facebook

How to Leave a Review (Recommendation) on Facebook & Why?

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Facebook has 1.79 billion active users & 2.89 billion active monthly users on average. With so many online consumers experiencing the benefits of their social media profiles, which have evolved into web platforms where you can do practically everything, utilizing the Facebook Reviews feature is critical. In this post, you’ll find a thorough guide on how to post a review on Facebook and more.

This social media site’s vast viewership is only expanding, and because its users are from all over the world, you may utilize it to contact almost anyone. Free marketing is difficult to come by, but if you serve your customers well and give them the finest service possible, those great Facebook reviews & rankings will reflect light on your business across the Facebook audience, eventually driving increased engagements and sales. Before learning about ‘How to Post a Review on Facebook’, let’s understand why they’re important.

Why are Facebook Reviews/Recommendations Important for Business?

While a consumer is still considering what to buy and who provides the best answers, Facebook reviews involve the Buyer Journey Stages of attention, contemplation, and post-purchase. This is one of the important reasons that you need to learn how to post a review on Facebook.

Positive feedback on your Facebook profile increases trust in your business and gives you credit in the market. Customers who can see your five-star ratings are more likely to have trust in your brand than those who aren’t posting customer feedback.

It isn’t just about Facebook, either! When customers Google your business, a panel displays on the right side displaying the Facebook customer evaluations for your business.

How do Facebook Reviews/Recommendations work?

For many years, typical online reviews and rankings were available on Facebook business pages. This shifted in 2018, once they introduced dozens of new modifications and additions, including ‘Facebook Recommendations.’

After this update, the review process has changed a lot. Now when you want to review a business, you’ll have to visit their Facebook page. Remember that there was earlier an option to ‘Write a review’ and choose a star rating from one to five. Users are no longer leaving a basic review for any business, but they are endorsing it.

Customers can respond by hitting the “Yes” or “No” buttons, and they can add insight to their recommendations by including hashtags, photographs, and additional comments. As the owner of the business page, you will no longer get any star-based ratings. Customers will grade your business and services simply by deciding whether or not to promote them to others. This is the most important reason to learn ‘How to Post a Review on Facebook.

When anyone requests a suggestion and a friend recommends a specific brand page, the reference will display as a recommendation in the Reviews section on the company’s Facebook page.

How are the new Ratings Calculated now?

When your business obtained a significant number of reviews with good ratings prior to the implementation of Recommendations, you don’t need to worry because they didn’t just vanish.

Those reviews are still considered in your businesses’ total rating, which is also shown on your Page. In terms of how they’ve been calculated in the new feature, that’s a combination of the previous five-star review system and the current Yes / No type of Recommendations.


How to Post a Review on Facebook?

Leave reviews on facebook
In other words, teach your customers how to publish their initial evaluations or suggestions on your businesses’ Facebook Page. This process has been modified so that you no longer need to give some stars for rating but only if you recommend or just don’t promote that firm. The process is as follows:

  • Select the “Reviews” button on the Facebook page.
  • For the ‘Do you recommend (Business page)? option, choose ‘Yes.’
  • A pop-up window with a blank space in which you can enter your review(comments) will show.
  • Press the ‘Post’ button.

Please keep in mind that the comment should be longer than 50 characters. When a person submits a review/recommendation on a businesses’ Facebook page, it appears as a post on their feed.

How To See Reviews on Facebook Business Page?

After learning how to post a review on Facebook, let’s move on to the next part. If you’ve been thinking about how to see reviews on your Businesses’ Facebook Page, just go to your FB page and choose the Reviews/Recommendations option, which is available under your profile photo.

How to Switch on Facebook Reviews on your Page?

You wouldn’t need to do anything when you’ve already enabled the Reviews tab. Remember that the Recommendations section has replaced the Reviews section, but the method for activating it is the same as previously.

You can only apply your knowledge of how to post a review on Facebook if you have switched on the Reviews tab on your Businesses’ Facebook Page. So here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Login to your Facebook account and proceed to your business’s page.
  • Go to the ‘Settings’ option on the left.
  • Select the ‘Templates and Tabs’ that are shown.
  • Locate and enable the review/recommendations tab under ‘Reviews’ from the Tab menu.

How To Get Facebook Reviews on your Page?

After you have enabled reviews for your business’s page, consumers can now start leaving you the positive feedback you need!

However, like with other internet marketing strategies, it does not end there. Enabling and learning ‘How to Post a Review on Facebook’ are only the first start of the process of increasing your Facebook reviews and reputation. There are various tactics and tools available to help you earn more reviews over a period.

  • You should deliver personalized messages and emails to your customers when you have their contact details. Customers that visit your business in person can be given physical reminders such as cards, or you could just utilize posters or flyers in populated areas to keep them informed of your Businesses’ Facebook page.
  • Positive reviews should always be displayed on your site or even on other social platforms using widgets. By displaying the reviews you’ve received to potential consumers, you provide them with social evidence that they can trust your business. Potential or existing consumers who have bought from you may be inspired to leave reviews if they notice reviews.
  • Imagine if you already had a very well-reviewed business profile on Google with good reviews, but you’re just starting started on your Facebook page. In such instance, you could “take” your successful reviews from Google My Business and post them on your Facebook page.
  • You can create Facebook Ads with your positive reviews to get more.

Whatever moment you ask for their input, the most essential thing is to make it brief, sweet, and simple. Explain to them why you need their input quickly and give a simple link that doesn’t need them to go through hoops to post a Facebook review/recommendation.

On such a famous site like Facebook, reviews hold a huge amount of weight, and you must use them to your benefit if you want to have a better customer experience, bring more customers, and stay ahead of the competition.

For businesses looking to give this a try, Facebook provides a bunch of real worth options. Nothing must prevent small businesses and individuals from wanting to build their business, especially with so many valuable tools and features are available in today’s digital business market.
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Commonly Asked Questions:

1. How to report a review?

You will occasionally come across frauds and obtain a poor review from a false profile. So, of course, you’ll want to get rid of it. Unfortunately, the site does not let Facebook Page owners remove a bad or another review. However, the manager has the option to report a review that violates Facebook’s Community Guidelines.

Here’s how you can report it:

  • Go to the bad review.
  • Select the three-dot comment icon on the top right corner.
  • Choose the Get Help or Report Recommendations tab.

2. How to Delete a Review?

Any reviews/recommendations cannot be deleted from your business page at this stage. Whenever you don’t want reviews, your only choice other than reporting it is to turn off the service entirely. Switching your reviews off may not be the smartest move because it deletes all reviews, including any good reviews your business has acquired over time.

3. How to Enable Notifications for Reviews?

For ensuring that you never skip a review/recommendation on the Businesses’ page, use the feature to get notifications whenever a new review/recommendation is submitted on the page.

For enabling the notifications feature, read the instructions given below:

  • Go to your Facebook page’s ‘Settings’ tab.
  • Navigate to the ‘Notifications’ box.
  • Pick the first setting, ‘Get a notice each whenever there is interaction on your Page.’ The ‘New Reviews’ alerts feature will then be automatically enabled.

4. Will Reviews/Recommendations written on Facebook be visible on your company’s page?

All your comments, as well as recommendations, are available to the general public on your Page’s Reviews and Recommendations tab. They can’t be hidden.

Now that you’ve learned how to post a review on Facebook, how to see reviews on Facebook business page, and how to get Facebook reviews you’re ready. This will help you take your business take off digitally too.

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