How to Delete a Google Review

How to Delete a Google Review?

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A negative Google review can remarkably influence a brand’s online reputation. If a negative review stands out in Google search results, it can even drive away from the potential customers and thereby impact your business. Also, it is not uncommon for businesses to receive fake online reviews by spammers or by direct competitors. So, sometimes it becomes undeniable to remove a Google review if it is significantly impacting your brand’s online reputation!

However, deleting a Google review is a specific and not so simple process. Below are some ways you can employ to remove a negative or fake Google review:

Persuade the customer and later ask them to edit or delete their review:

Addressing customers’ feedback is a significant measure to maintain a good online reputation. This step will help you to retain your customers and is also an effective strategy in case you wish to get negative Google reviews removed.

Upon this, if the customer gets convinced to remove their review, you may provide them the following steps to delete the review:

  1.  Open Google Maps on your device.
  2. Click on the three horizontal lines located in the top left corner.
  3. Navigate to ‘Your contributions’ and then go to ‘Reviews’.
  4. Next to the relevant review, click on More (three dots) and choose to edit or remove the review.

Respond to the review:

Appropriately responding to a negative review holds a good chance of getting it deleted by the customer. This will let the customers know that your brand is committed to solving their problems. Also, thank them for devouring their time for rating your business and also acknowledge that their reviews greatly help your brand to constantly improve and grow!

Deleting fake reviews:

It is important to authenticate the reviews you get on Google. While Google is using its own methods to combat fake or spammy reviews, you may also make attempts to delete an inappropriate Google review by flagging it.

If you are sure that a specific content violates the Google review policy, then adhering to the following steps will help you to flag that content:

  1. Sign-in into Google My Business.
  2. Select your Business location.
  3. From the menu, click on Reviews.
  4. Search for the review that you want to flag and then click on ‘Flag as inappropriate’ in the three-dot menu.

Thus, accurately dealing with negative reviews on Google can be of great help to maintain a competent online reputation. Since there is no straightforward way to remove negative Google reviews, following the above-mentioned steps will certainly serve your purpose and benefit your business!

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