How to Deal With Customer Complaints?

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Every business is destined to receive complaints from some of its users. Some of these complaints may be justified while others may not. The way a company deals with the complaints will certainly decide whether the customer with a complaint will get satisfied or will vow to never deal with the company again!

It thus becomes quite important to effectively deal with customer complaints and that can be done through the following ways:

Thank the Customer for Complaining:

Yes, you heard that right! Thanking your customer for sharing their complaint has manifold benefits. It will change the tone of the conversation, which stands a good chance that the customer will get satisfied and will not leave your business. Thanking them will also let them know that your business is committed to constant improvements and you genuinely care about your customers!

 Express a Genuine Apology:

The phrase ‘We are sorry to hear that ’ is quite capable to calm the customer down. A genuine apology will imply that the customer will be thoroughly guided throughout the complaint resolving process. It will also ascertain to them that their grievance is going to get resolved and that they will have a fair experience further with your business.

Get the Details:

Once you think that the customer has calmed down and is not angry anymore, begin to ask questions. Use this as an opportunity to start a conversation. Know everything that the customer experienced while using your service or product. See that the customer doesn’t complain that you ask too many questions. Also, try to use promising expressions while asking questions.

Provide a Solution:

Understanding the problem well is an important aspect to reach a solution. Keep in mind your company’s guidelines and thereby provide an appropriate solution to the customer’s complaint. Also, avoid giving any assurance that you or your company cannot fulfill. Resolving the issue in the best possible way will acknowledge the customer that any future grievance will also be resolved and so they can rely on your brand. Moreover, try to keep a smooth transition if the complaint is to be conveyed to any other employee and make sure that the customer is not disturbed during this process.


When you successfully resolve several such complaints, it most likely enhances your brand’s online reputation. Thus, any customer complaint is rather an opportunity for your brand to gain customers’ loyalty and enhance your business.

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