How reviews impact your potential customers? 

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The internet has provided everyone a huge platform to express their views. This has now become a matter of concern for businesses as to how customers perceive their services or products. Online Reputation Management is where marketing, public relations, and customer service are combined to act together. If you are yet thinking about how reviews have an impact on your potential consumers? You’re on the right page for potential internet reviews! 

When people welcome and buy your product or service, it means they already trust you. Why customer reviews are important? To make that deeper and steadier, you should increase the number of reviews. Working with reviewing platforms is one of the best ways to do so. Feedbacks are so important, in fact, businesses can’t survive nowadays without them, we all do it. We read reviews. With the help of reviews to choose which stores to shop at, where to eat breakfast, which apps to download, or even which doctor to visit. Therefore, reviews impact your potential customers. 

The positive impact of reviews 

It is the digital era; people look for the smallest thing online from shopping for groceries to clothes and laptops. Most importantly is that they look for reviews before purchasing anything. Consumers are likely to spend 31% more on products/services from businesses that have excellent reviews. A positive review has a great influence on boosting the sales of your business. The more positive reviews your business has, the higher the reputation is in the consumers’ opinion. 

Therefore, if you subscribe to a reputation management system, it makes this work easier for you. Gaining positive feedback is kind of a loop.  Firstly, consumers will trust your company moreover the low rated ones. Google is likely to rank your business on the first page if you have higher positive reviews. In the world of the internet, reviews are bound to bring customers towards your brand or chase them away.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

The negative impact of reviews 

While it’s quite clear that positive online reviews are great for your business, it’s been shown that negative reviews can have a significantly greater impact on conversions. You can’t avoid negative feedbacks but how you deal with it will definitely bring a difference. However, you should always respond to negative reviews for several reasons. For one, your response will be read by everyone reading the page. And it’s important to demonstrate that customer service is a priority. 

For instance, address the concern and solve the consumer’s issue. Moreover, it gives them satisfaction in how the business. How it is concerned about its customers. It reflects how it wants to render its products and services in the best possible manner. A single negative review could cost a business around 30 customers.  


As an entrepreneur and a business owner, you must always incorporate the feedback your business has received. Include them on your website testimonial pages because it will increase your credibility. Therefore, it is important for you to measure the feedback your business receives whether it is positive or negative. It creates chances for a higher conversion rate. It is a consumer-centric strategy that will help your business attract customers, increase sales and take an extra leap in growth. Read more blogs on ranking higher on the search engine result pages here.

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