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What is the golden rule of business to succeed? Is it reputation? ‘Yes, it is.  Have you ever wondered how this reputation got its start? It relies on the trust of people and the feedback they give. A bad review can crush a business if it weighs too heavily. That is why online reviews for businesses have a tremendous impact on the success of a business. As a result, consumer opinions can influence via word-of-mouth and viral forms of feedback. Getting consumers’ attention and increasing sales through online customer reviews is a great technique. Having a good understanding of how online reviews can contribute to a positive online presence is essential if you own a business. With that said, here are 10 reasons how reviews can increase your business: 

Helps in achieving a higher ranking:

Using online reviews, Google determines the local organic rankings. As you might imagine, Google’s business involves providing users with the best results possible for a specific search. If you want to know whether people like your business, you need positive online reviews (for Google). Many studies have found that the occurrence of great online reviews increases the likelihood of a business’s ranking than those with inadequate or insufficient feedback. It makes sense for Google to take into account reviews to provide its users with a satisfying experience. Also, the number of feedback makes a difference.

Online reviews help to measure customer satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction plays a significant role in determining a company’s financial performance. As per the global studies, research shows that customer satisfaction and business performance go hand in hand. Every review contributes to business growth, such as market share. Your company’s financial condition can be predicted in the future by reading the online feedback and estimating the level of client satisfaction. Therefore, you want to make sure that your clients are happy with your products and services.

Positive customer reviews can significantly boost your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness. Customer satisfaction manifests itself in positive reviews.   Now here comes a question, how to measure customer satisfaction? NPS has now been recognized as one of the most accurate methodologies for measuring, managing, and improving customer satisfaction. The customer responses for loyalty questions are rated using a 0–10 point rating scale. This simple process can be applied to every type of business for customer satisfaction management since it is universal and straightforward.

84% of people trust online reviews:

Stable streams of positive reviews are essential to building trust and credibility for your brand. Many people don’t trust a business that has negative reviews. The latest statistics tell us that up to 84% of buyers trust online reviews as much as reviews from a friend or other. The risk of a negative review appearing at the top is small, but companies with larger margins of error are significantly more likely to convert views to traffic and sales.

As online reviews have spiked in the past few years, this proves that they’re becoming more powerful and are strengthening a business’s foundation over time.

Helps improve your products and services: 

It is easy to identify areas for improvement of your business through both positive and negative reviews. As per the law of a company, a good product and services are crucial factors a brand must keep on improving to keep the brand on a frame. Online reviews clarify the actual department you need to improve and are the improved products gratified or not. It also makes a good time for you to convert customers into loyal customers, which means that they’ll be sticking with you for the long run.

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Makes your business expand more:

So far, we have seen that a good review means you provide your customers with a good product and services, be trustworthy and value customer satisfaction. It all will mark a good impression on the client.

An easy way to expand your business reach is by uplifting consumers to review your company.

When people are satisfied and have plenty of good things to say, they rarely share their views only on the provided site, so consumers are also likely to share their opinions on other external websites or apps. The above works as an advantage for you as even on an individual level, having positive reviews can help push further feedback that helps your business expand more.

Essential to decision making:

The online reviews put as much value as if they were personal recommendations. It means that these reviews instill trust in your company and its offerings and help people feel more confident that they are making a good decision. Reviews merely help remove the uncertainty. A brand increases your online visibility, and today, that means encouraging several ways for people to talk about you. An active social media presence is vital, but your customers should feel free to chat about you on other channels besides social media. Consequently, many people believe that online reviews are an essential aspect of the decision-making process.

It is not just customers; it also helps you to improve and work on your decision-making process. Better decision-making will increase your productivity and will provide you with profit.

Impact on sales:

Online reviews prove to positively influence your bottom line, according to a Harvard Business School study. Brands with a positive perception sell more, but even an improved online rating can boost sales. Studies have proved that reviews generate an average 18% increase in sales. Due to a higher conversion rate, a higher visitor return rate, and increased average order size, your credibility and higher rankings increase sales revenue.

Increase in conversion by 270%:

People are more likely to be interested in purchasing your products if only a good number of reviews appear on your business site. Surprisingly, conversion rates are expected to increase by as much as 270% once a business begins displaying reviews. According to this statistic, a product with five reviews has 270% more chances of being bought than a brand-new product with no reviews. 270% isn’t worthless, right? It can make your company lead, but if not, it can make its non-existence.

Open Line to customers:

A review isn’t just simply a review for many, as consumers today expect companies to respond to their comments. It also gives you the means, to be frank with consumers and reinforce positive reviews with appreciation or promotions. It also gives you a way to rectify a poor review and show that you care. The immediacy of these reviews, and having a friendly and open-to-feedback appearance can work wonders for your company or brand.

Augment your online reputation:

The only way to enhance your online reputation is by reviews of your customer. It might be a good or bad review; both directly impact your reputation. If you are not fulfilling the customer needs by providing them with low-quality products thus the people will let you (and everyone else) know in the form of poor reviews. You must regularly add positive reviews to your local listing as if you get a bad review that is inaccurate, posting positive reviews is the best way to conceal it. As a result of tracking the results for clients, it is clear that bad reviews are costing businesses money every passing day, thus bringing down their reputations.


The numbers mentioned above have clearly explained the importance of reviews in increasing your sales and leading success. You can improve your ranking on search engines, increase page views, increase sales, and convert prospects faster with the help of SEO! It’s not too late to take advantage of this opportunity; equally importantly, monitor your customer reviews from time to time. It is not impossible to take your business up to a notch. Yet, this doesn’t appear feasible without a practical and reliable business review management platform like Grab Your Reviews – an online review software for small businesses. 

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